What is a Pediatric Dentist / Pedodontist ?

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Sick children need pediatricians to treat them. These age-based specialists who treat children are equipped to handle the needs of little ones and manage them appropriately for any treatments or procedures. Similarly, pediatric dentists fulfill a very important role in the care of children’s teeth. Their scope in oral medicine is unique and specialized especially since dental health is critical from birth and right through the growing up years.

 What is a Pediatric Dentist / Pedodontist ?

Pediatric dentists are specialized in a course of dentistry, catering specifically to children who need age-appropriate gentle care. These doctors undergo specialization while working with children on severe tooth problems, emergencies, orthodontic procedures and other treatment methods. They also work closely with pediatricians to understand and treat problems, that general pediatricians may not be able to manage otherwise.

What age of patients do pediatric dentists treat?

These dentists treat patients from birth right through to college. Besides generic oral health, if children need specialist intervention due to medical problems or unique developmental issues, pediatric dentists are the best people to intervene. Because they know the oral health history of patients, they can often provide inputs well into adulthood.

What is the difference between a dentist and a pediatric dentist?

While generic dentists are trained in pediatric dentistry, the latter bring to the table their own expertise and experience in managing simple and complex cases. Oral health is critical at a young age and because children require special care while being handled, they need people who are sensitive, caring and gentle to their needs.

Why is it important to Consult Pediatric Dentist / Pedodontist ?

Prevention and treatment are the two major focus areas of pediatric dentists. Besides this, education of parents, management of emergencies and continuous oral health monitoring are all critical on an ongoing basis. There is constant research in the pediatric oral specialty, and dentists are constantly up to date on procedures such as oral stem cell and medicines to be used in the treatment of children.

Childhood is an age where the body and especially the mouth is continuously going through change. The appearance of teeth and subsequent impact of food and regular hygiene are very significant and require constant monitoring. Pediatric dentists are the best people to advise regarding any intervention required for maintenance of children’s oral health.

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