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The covid19 outbreak has warranted health care facilities like clinics and hospitals to put in place a plethora of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. So, as we open the gates of Small Bites after the lockdown, we have ensured all safety measures as directed by the government are in place at our clinic. We believe in going above and beyond just these regulations to make sure that the kids are safe. Here are some of the measures that we have undertaken to minimize chances for exposure:


All the working area surfaces and contact areas in the treatment space are disinfected after every visit – This includes sofa surfaces, reception area, handlebars and every other surface that could be at risk of exposure of fomites.

Personal protective equipment:

All the doctors and staff at Small Bites are equipped with PPE as per the guidelines of IDA. PPE is crucial in preventing transmission of the virus and keeping both the doctor and the kid, safe. The staff is also regularly trained in doffing and donning of the PPEs.

Social distancing:

We have established procedures to continually monitor, manage and ensure social distancing protocols for visitors are in place. The seats in the waiting area have been marked in accordance with these protocols. We have also taken care to ensure that there is enough time gap between 2 consecutive appointments to avoid overlap. The patients so far have been kind enough to help us maintain these regulations.

Air purification:

Ozonisation is used for continuous air purification – This helps reduce the risk of pathogens spreading when new patients enter previously occupied rooms. Also, all the rooms are fumigated and disinfected after every use.



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