What is a Dental Crown or a Tooth Cap?

Dental Crowns

A Dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering cemented to the tooth for the purpose of restoring the tooth to its original shape and function. Crowns are recommended by pediatric dentists when it is necessary to repair and restore a primary (baby) tooth found to have a large cavity or cavities, broken tooth, or a primary tooth which has not developed correctly.

Teeth which are too broken down to adequately hold a filling or which have undergone pulp treatment, a crown is usually required to strengthen the tooth.

What are the different Dental Crown types and why are they used?

Pre-formed metal crown: For baby molar (back) teeth,pre-formed metal crown is often used. These Dental Crown require less preparation of the tooth and are relatively easy to fit in a single visit compared to laboratory made crowns.

Tooth-coloured: For front teeth which are visible when smiling and for adult teeth tooth-coloured crowns are most often used. These are made in a dental laboratory and may consist of porcelain bonded to a metal framework or be completely made of ceramic.

Strip crowns:  Strip crowns are often used for front teeth are made directly in the mouth from composite filling material using a celluloid crown former.

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Every Child Deserves a Beautiful Smile

The anterior teeth in children have two very important function .

1) It helps in speech development
2) Aesthetics

Now a days with increased exposure to electronic media the kids are becoming more aware of the way they look at a much earlier age. Hence, It becomes very important we as parents understand their concept of self image and help them built their confidence.

The anterior or the front teeth in children can gat damaged and look un aesthetic due to one of these reasons

  • Decay especially Early childhood caries
  • Fall or fracture of the teeth
  • Crooked or missing teeth

All these can be corrected by a simple visit to the pediatric dentist. Few of the general treatment options are

1) Composite restorations
2) Strip crowns
3) Removable dentures
4) Pre formed crowns

Final treatment plan for a child is custom designed based on the childs oral health. After all every child surely deserves a beautiful and healthy smile.