Pre-School Dental Camps Social Outreach

At Small Bites we are dedicated to prevention and raising awareness of dental health issues.

We conduct regular camps in pre-schools where we give a fun talk and puppet show to the children about looking after their teeth. After this we do the preventive dental check-up for each child. The children enjoy receiving a sticker or stamp in reward for having their teeth checked. Any dental problems, such as cavities, are written on a check-up card which is sent home to the parents.

On occasions, parents are invited for a talk on dental health with the opportunity to ask questions or raise any concerns they may have. Pre-schools are also invited to bring a group of children into the practice for a fun visit and preventive check-up. The children enjoy playing with the toys in the waiting room and have a chance to become familiar with our child-friendly environment.

Children’s Activities

At Small Bites we also have regular children’s activities held in the practice. These are advertised on our Facebook page – click for link.
This is a great chance for children to get used to the environment and have fun separate from any dental activity.

Social Outreach – Spreading Healthy Smiles

Small Bites have partnered with Dream A Little Dream, an NGO who organize camps and fun activities for underprivileged children. We have been involved in dental camps in orphanages and for children of construction workers, doing preventive check-ups and giving brushes and toothpaste to those who need them. For those children with pain and severe dental problems, who would otherwise not be able to see a dentist, we have arranged for them to receive free treatment.