Dental Emergencies and Toothache

Dental emergencies are more frequent than you can imagine. No parent likes to see their child in pain, and the earlier it is dealt with, the sooner is the problem identified, treated and better recovery. Below are some of the most common dental emergencies and how they can be treated;

How to treat Toothache at Home?

Toothache is the commonest dental problem that kids face. It is experienced by children of all ages, and almost always has a specific cause that may or may not have gone unnoticed. Common causes of toothache include decay, fractures, trauma and eruption of wisdom teeth ( in adolescence).

What you can do?


  • Cleanse or gargle with warm water first. Don’t apply anything, keep warm cloth over the affected tooth or adjacent gum area
  • Check if food has become impacted anywhere in between the teeth. Remove it as gently as possible using a clean finger, toothbrush or dental floss.


  • In case of localized swelling, apply a cold compress over the affected area. Ice cubes can also be wrapped in cloth and placed over it. This reduces swelling temporarily.
  • Avoid giving any kind of medication to children at this stage without doctor’s advice

When to visit a Doctor (dentist) for Toothache? 

  • In case of prolonged pain that doesn’t subside or swelling that doesn’t relieve, it indicates a deeper dental problem that needs a dentist to look into.
  • If the toothache is a result of an injury or fall on the face or jaw, details given to the doctor can help in the right treatment.


  • The paediatric dentist will examine the child’s teeth to understand the cause of pain & its origin. She will check for any decay, fracture, grinding and will treat accordingly.
  • In case of swelling or localized tenderness, it might be indicative of infection. This will need medication as per the stage of the problem.
  • In case of teeth grinding or bruxism, mouth guards may be advised (dependent on the child’s age)

Toothache in children must never be ignored, because it often indicates the start of the problem or a stage at which the right treatment can reverse the deterioration process.

If you aren’t sure about the cause or need a specialist to look into it, reach out to Dr.Premila of Small Bites Dental Clinic at the earliest.