It is common to see children nowadays with braces. Some kids can’t wait to get it at the earliest, while parents themselves often feel that their children may require them for reasons as varied as misaligned teeth, or for an aesthetic look.

Regardless of the reasons for wanting them, there is a clear purpose to getting your child’s teeth fitted with braces, and why it should be done at a particular age.

Why ( and when) are Braces used in Children? 

Braces are often fixed for a purpose. They are required at a certain age, especially when the adult teeth are just growing but are still not aligned.

MISALIGNED TEETH :  Overlapping, overcrowded or crocked teeth, also called as ‘bad bite’ or malocclusion. Mal-occulsion occurs whenever the upper and lower jaws have a major difference in size, where the upper is bigger than lower (called an overbite) or lower bigger than upper (called an underbite)Children may need braces for any one of the following reasons;

Not all parents realize when braces have to be put, and it is often the pediatric dentist who can advise during routine checkups if braces are required. Depending on severity of the problem and the child’s age, he or she will be further advised to meet with an orthodontist to get braces fitted out as per the requirement.

What are the different types of Braces Available? 

Braces work by correcting teeth alignment, putting pressure on developing teeth to move into a particular position. This is best done during the growth period of a child, since the jaw and muscles are still malleable. There are different kinds of braces, and the doctor decides what is apt for the child based on the lifestyle and age.

  1. Wire and rubber bands – Braces like these have been used for teeth alignment since years. These traditional braces have bands or steel ties holding wires between teeth brackets
  1. Damon braces – These braces do not have steel/rubber ties but brackets hold the braces in place
  1. Clear braces- These braces are clear/transparent and can hold themselves in place like a mouthguard

Removable braces can be removed and cleaned as and when required. These provide gentle pressure to the teeth.

Other times, teeth are very misaligned, and therefore need to be guided more accurately. This is when fixed braces are inserted. They cannot be removed and inserted as and when one likes. These are the bracket and band braces which are stuck to the teeth, with a flexible wire joining the brackets and allowing the teeth to move.

Functional braces on the other hand, use the movement of the jaw to align the teeth, and are are fitted only in certain conditions.

Which is the Material Used in Dental Braces?

Braces are made from all types of materials’ metal, ceramic and even medical grade plastic. 

To know whether your child really needs to be fitted with one, bring them to us at the earliest. Dr.Premila will be able to assess the teeth, and decide the plan of treatment accordingly. To book an appointment, please contact us here.

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