Why Is Small Bites Dental Clinic Such a Great Place for My Child’s Dental Checkup?

Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

What makes this clinic better than the others? After all, every dental clinic provides the same kind of services for little kids, right?

Yes, you are right! Most clinics provide the same dental services to everyone from the family – be they children or adults. Clinics treat the same gum and tooth problems, manage dental caries and the occasional pulpectomy and more.

Small Bites Dental Experience Center is very unique, both in the services it offers and the ambience of the space. Below are 5 reasons why.

  • Centered around the child’s dental needs – Medical and dental centers are spotless, sanitised spaces where a variety of medical procedures are conducted for different dental problems. But why can’t they be fun, engaging and interactive? While designing the interior spaces at Small Bites, we have created it keeping the children and their needs in mind – their wants, their engagement, their surroundings and the space to ensure they are comfortable, relaxed and feel safe at all times. The world from the eyes of a little child is very scary and overwhelming. At Small Bites that is one less scary space and instead one full of color, texture, lights and sounds, keeping them distracted and yet a place they will leave with happy memories.
  • Centred around the child’s sensorial needs – Small Bites is designed as a Sensory Adaptive Dental Experience Centre (SADE)one of the first of its kind in India and kids across all ages including those with special needs associated with developmental milestones are taken care of. The design of the clinic is especially comfortable for children with hypersensitivity issues, those with oral aversion, neurodevelopmental delays such as Asperger and Autism, and craniofacial abnormalities like malformed jaws. Our expert dentists are aware and know how to handle damage caused due to improper oral hygiene, brushing and other issues arising out of these conditions.
  • Themed and aligned with the senses – Research has found that children learn and imbibe from the environment based on the predominant senses they possess. While some children are visual, some others are auditory in grasping information and others are tactile; liking the feel and touch of the environment they move in. With this in mind Small Bites interiors have been designed around the themes of water and beaches. The serene calmness, mesmerizing waves and tactility of sand touching the feet can be experienced and felt everywhere in the clinic space.
  • Soft & subtle lighting for comfort – Ever realised the lighting that greets you in hospitals and medical centers. They can be harsh, strong and exaggerates the sterility of white-washed medical rooms. Mellow water themed lighting, ceiling starlights, gradient colors and hues help children get better adjusted to the dental clinic at Small Bites. Besides the warmth they are greeted by, it keeps them merrily engaged and distracted, inquisitive and wanting to explore more.
  • Doctors that know how to manage dental care needs of little ones – Children are humans unto themselves, their needs are unique, their interactions still being learnt. The way they convey pain and hurt, the way they understand and follow instructions are different. It is important for dentists trained in child dental care to manage their needs. These specialists know the mouth structure, issues that arise with growing teeth and gums, and the most painless way to treat, manage and distract little children while undergoing procedures that can scare even bigger adults. With over 15+ years of experience, the dentists at Small Bites are trained and familiar with kid’s dental care and management.

Visit us with your kids, whether for the first time or to explore other treatment modalities and see for yourself how a dental clinic designed exclusively for your child can make such a big difference to them and their moods.