It’s time to take your child to visit the dentist.  Do they really need to see a different dentist than you? How do you choose the best dentist for your child?

What is a Paediatric Dentist?

Paediatric dentists, sometimes called pedodontists, are the paediatricians of dentistry. They specialise in dental care for children, from babies up teenagers. Paediatric dentists have done two or more years of training specifically in children’s dentistry after completing their dental degree.

How are they different from other dentists?

Paediatric dentists treat only children and so their practices are designed to be a welcoming and child friendly. They have a lot of experience in working with children who are anxious and can spend extra time to reassure them  and explain things in a way kids can understand.
During their training, paediatric dentists study developmental psychology to understand how children think differently from adults. They also receive training in working with individuals with special needs.
Paediatric dentists are experts in monitoring dental development as children grow and mature. Therefore they are more easily able to spot potential problems which may require early orthodontic treatment.
Due to their training and experience pedodontists are proficient in the latest techniques and procedures for children’s dentistry.
Paediatric dentists tend to emphasize the prevention of dental diseases. They recognize the importance of giving children a good start by helping them to develop healthy habits such as tooth brushing and a good diet early in life. They can also offer treatments that can help to prevent dental decay such as fissure sealants.

Why choose a Paediatric Dentist for your Child?

A child’s early dental experiences have a lasting impact. Positive experiences will lead to a child becoming comfortable in visiting the dentist and motivated to look after their teeth. Dentists tend to have an area of dentistry which they enjoy and specialise in. Why not choose a dentist who has the motivation, training and experience to give your child the best care?

The Small Bites Experience

Small Bites is the first exclusive dental centre for children in Bangalore. The Small Bites team offers the full range of dental care in a fun and child-friendly environment. Our little clients soon feel at home with the inviting waiting area and fun décor.

We take time to understand and reassure children, especially those who are anxious or have special needs. Pain management is a priority, so that children can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Children can even watch cartoons to help distract them and put them at ease during their dental treatment.

At Small Bites, we are always keeping up to date, using the latest materials and techniques to provide high quality care. We follow strict standards in sterilization and cleanliness. We are the first dental clinic in Bangalore to offer stem cell banking from baby teeth and nitrous oxide sedation.

At Small Bites, we firmly believe that, working together with children and their parents, we can give children healthy smiles to last a life time.

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