After Diwali celebrations, the season of Halloween and another set of holidays in the coming months, it can get overwhelming for children and their teeth with all the sweets and food going around. Although as parents you have taken much care to ensure that their teeth don’t suffer the damage from too many sweets, the kids will nevertheless be tempted to indulge in or buy similar stuff.

It is important to keep reminding the kids that milk teeth when not taken care of, can affect the growth of adult teeth. Gum problems and dental caries can cause permanent issues of the mouth, caries that may require medical intervention and also cause lots of absences and missed school and studies. Oral hygiene is important to be practiced at all times, and children should be aware of this on a daily basis.

Here is How to keep your Kid’s teeth and mouth healthy after the festival

  • Pack lunchboxes rather than giving money to buy food Although most parents prepare and pack their kid’s lunchboxes themselves, it does become tempting to give them money to eat outside, or grab readymade sweets and pastries while on the go for their lunch. Although this makes things easy, such foods are also high on sugar and starch. One fallout of this practice, is the expectation from the child that these foods are alright, the implicit approval from parents in indulging in them, and the other, is the damage such foods cause to the mouth and teeth.

  • Give water rather than juices or sodaWater is the only liquid that the body requires in plenty. Replacing it with soda and juices loaded with sugar not just harms health, but affects the enamel of the teeth. These liquids are also acidic, causing teeth to rot and discolor. Juices and soda contain chemicals, artificial sweeteners and preservatives that damage gums, and cause other health problems in the long run.

  • Provide a potable dental kit for school and travel Good oral hygiene when started at home, can carry on to school as well as everywhere else the child goes. A potable grooming kit with a small toothbrush and toothpaste can be sent with the child to school in case of particularly long hours, when kids travel, stay overnight with friends or indulge in too much of sugar laden foods.

It is difficult for children to get into a routine, especially after coming out of a festival and the accompanying celebratory mood. By ensuring they follow strict dental hygiene, they become equipped to deal with their teeth both within the home and outside it.

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