A week ago, Small Bites had an exciting event, ‘ALL THAT PARENTS WANT TO KNOW…’ where a group of experts discussed a wide range of topics that went from importance of Health, Food and Yoga for kids, to Dental Braces and their choice as per the ages and an in-depth talk on Dental Stem Cell.

The purpose of this talk was to interact with parents and discuss with them about what kids usually came to the clinic with, the importance of overall health and how little changes when done, can ensure that the health of kids are well looked after at all times.

Dr.Premila led the discussion, and the panelists included Dr.Chetan Raj from Mothercell who spoken on Banking Dental Stem Cells, Dr.Neha; the Orthodontist at Small Bites, and Dr.Charmaine Kenita, a Homeopath & Yoga Practitioner. There were many subjects discussed, questions asked and all of us came away with so much more than we knew.

Below are a few main pointers shared by the panelists;


  • Stem cell banking uses the pulp of a ‘Fallen’ or ‘About to Fall’ milk tooth in kids. It doesn’t require extraction of the teeth
  • Cells have to be banked immediately, which helps maintain their viability (-196 degree Celsius)
  • Cells undergo rigorous lab tests for quality and contamination, following which certificate is issued to the parent
  • Stem cell is a proven treatment of Nerve injuries, Parkinson and Alzheimer. However future research even suggests they may be able to manage & treat cancer
  • Artificially produced stem cells exist but still being researched and proven to have less potency
  • In adults, ‘wisdom tooth’ is a good source of dental stem cells


  • Braces are introduced at 3 stages in children; Correcting dental developmental issues & tooth alignment (3-4 years), Bone Structure & Jaw Correction (9 years) and Dental alignment (older than 10 years)
  • Adults too can have braces placed on their teeth to correct alignment and structural issues
  • Children or parents cannot decide introduction of braces. The paediatric dentist after a thorough checking of bites, gaps and alignment advises the right one
  • Dental braces are of various types; metal clips, transparent and a combination of the two
  • Mouth odour usually occurs when children majorly breathe from their mouth, and often this can be caused by illformed mouth structure, narrowing of jaw arches, and narrowing of teeth. This can be corrected by braces
  • Braces can help convert oral to nasal breathing by opening nasal passages


  • Children must eat all kinds of food, of various colors, textures and shapes to lend variety. This also satisfies mineral, protein and carbohydrate requirements for good health
  • Yoga is very important for children and it can be made into a daily routine, as shared here. Kids should be encouraged to stretch and simple asanas can be started by age 4 years
  • Stiffness and restricted movements, together with stress is because of rigidity of muscles. This can be slowed down and prevented by continuously practicing yoga
  • Bronchitis and respiratory ailments can be managed very effectively with slow breathing
  • Children should be encouraged to clean their bowels and drink plenty of water everyday. Most chronic ailments in grown-ups arise from inadequate care of these two aspects

The discussion was one of immense learning for everyone and SMALL BITES DENTAL CLINIC will be putting together more such sessions and workshops in the future. Please mail us at pedopremila@gmail.com if you want to be added to our mailing list, and informed of such initiatives.